Thanks for choosing our dental practice for your child’s dental care. If you are looking for the best pediatric dentist for your kids; you are at the right place. Our mission at Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry is to provide comprehensive dental care for your little one in the most child friendly way.

We specialize in diagnosing and treating Tooth decay (early childhood caries or baby bottle decay, white spots), dental emergencies (teeth discoloration, loose teeth, gray tooth, broken teeth) teething issues (tooth behind a tooth, late and early eruption, loose tooth, missing tooth, extra tooth) orthodontic needs (narrow or small palate, crowded teeth, under bite), habits (thumb-sucking, finger sucking, lip sucking, teeth grinding), Oral pathology (apthous ulcers, oral cancer), stains on teeth (Tetracycline stains, Black/brown spots, yellow spots, white chalky lines, orange stains on the teeth), Speech issues (tongue tie, tongue thrusting ).

At Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry we will strive to make your child’s dental experience as pleasant and comfortable as we can. We will make every effort on our part to provide the best service. Our office is completely paperless with the latest state of the art digital x-ray technology which minimizes the radiation to your little one.


Oral health is important for everyone, but when it comes to children and their developing mouths and their oral hygiene habits it is essential to choose a Pediatric Dentist during these formative years. Pediatric dentists like Dr. Shilpa specialize in the treatment of children’s dental disease. Her focus as a Pediatric Dentist is on making children feel comfortable with dentistry and dental visits, assist in the prevention of dental and periodontal disease, and restore and maintain primary and permanent teeth.
General dentists typically complete a four-year dental school curriculum, while Dr. Shilpa as a pediatric dentist studied an extra two years to meet the unique dental needs of infant, children, and adolescent dental care. Her focus as a Pediatric Dentist emphasizes the establishment of trust and confidence between children and their dentists. One of the main components of pediatric training is child psychology. Dr. Shilpa utilized special office design, utilizes different communication styles, and puts an emphasis on teaching preventative dental habits to children in an effort to make dental visits pleasant for her young patients.

Dr. Shilpa is a Kids dentist in Sugar land Tx and is currently accepting new patients. A Board certified pediatric dentist for your children’s teeth is right here serving patients in the following areas: Sugar land, Greatwood, Telfair, Stafford, Aliana, Richmond, Rosenberg, Katy, Fulshear, & Houston. Book an appointment for a check up of your kids teeth, as only a pediatric dentist knows your kids needs the best.

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