4/13/2013-We had a very good experience from the moment we called to make the appointment, when we walked in till we left. So happy to find a place my son is comfortable!

Thank you ladies!

4/19/2013-This is such a nice and cute office.Dr.Shilpa is really a kind and caring doctor! I am so happy and we will come again! Thank you


4/27/2013 From our initial phone call to the end of our first visit was very easy. My three boys and I look forward to coming back.Thank you for welcoming us !

The Enriquez Boys and Mom

05/04/2013- The people at Healthy Teeth are very patient and very good with my son. Highly recommended.

Brianna Habeeb and Grayson

05/14/2013-Wonderful!! Thanks

05/14/2013-Son is very happy.Said his teeth have never been fixed this good.Thank you

Travis Cassidy

05/18/2013 Thank you!My daughters first dental visit and it was awesome

05/23/2013 This is such a great helpful office. The place is not only cuter but very clean and hygiene. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The icing on the cake is Dr.Shilpa. She is the most caring, helpful, knowledgable dentist we have ever come across. My girls absolutely love her. She always gives the right advise and always puts the kids interest first. We think she is the best dentist in town.

Shweta Bandi

5/28/2013 Great Service

5/29/2013 You are the best !!! Never go anywhere else ! We luv ya

6/13/2013 Thank you so much ! You are the greatest.

Nathan Hernandez

6/13/2013- Thank You! We being waiting for you around the area

Jimenez Family

6/20/2013-Wow!! Great Office! My Son’s love it here! Thank you for your wonderful service.

Wilkinson Family

6/21/2013- Thank you!! My Daughters first dental visit was great, helpful. Office Cute and clean. Dr Shilpa Thank you. Dr.Shilpa she is love,

 Maria E.Celedon

6/22/2013-Best office! Friendly and very nice! We love coming here. I would recommend that everyone comes here:)

6/22/2013-Best of all! Always with a big smile on Dr.Shilpa’s face and the staff.

Thank you for everything.

Tanish Solanki

6/27/2013-Thank you Doctor you were great with the kids.

Nisha Popetiya

7/2/2013- Glad I cam here it is not only convenient location for me but the staff and the doctor itself is very helpful.

7/13/2013-Very lively, don’t make you feel anywhere makes us feel at home over here.

Mohammed Khan

7/18/13- Always a pleasant experience. Smiles from beginning to end.


7/19/2013- This is an awesome place . Such a personal and thorough experience . I recommend this place to everybody.

7/27/13- I really enjoyed my visit. The entire staff made me and my 3 boys feel like family. Everyone have tough times in life and it is good to know that you can come to a place of business and be totally accepted. Dr.Shilpa explains everything so well.

Thanks !! God bless!!

The Grover Family

7/30/13 – This is a good place for kids. This helped me and my brother . Thank you for all you do.

Almira and Reyaan

8/06/2013- Shericka enjoyed this experience inspite of her disabilities!! Thank you.

Joann and Brenda

8/10/2013- Thank you very much.Very helpful.

 Sippu Patel

8/10/2013- My boys never want to grow up so Dr.Shilpa can take care of them forever!! Love, Love, Love you guys !!

Stephanie Savatieh

8/13/2013- Thanks for a great first !!

The Price family

8/13/2013- Thank you for a wonderful first visit !!

Hogan Family

8/14/2013-Dr.Shilpa was so very thorough and attentive to our children. The staff ( Tammy and Laura) were also very kind and welcoming. Good Luck !!

The Zafiris Family

8/15/2013-Thank you. I am satisfied and very happy with the treatment

G.Prathima Vodethala

8/15/2013- Thank you for your services today.All 3 of my kids have  healthy teeth. We appreciate you !! Thank you!!

Diedr, Tais, Jaydon, Jaycob

8/16/2013-Thank you !!

8/20/2013- Thank you for taking care of me and my sister .

Love Jack and Jessy

8/20/2013-Thank you for helping me and my brothers teeth

Ryaan and Rohail

8/22/2013-Dr. Shilpa went “OVER and ABOVE” the call of duty with my kids- taking her time to teach them how to properly floss . It was so important and necessary for maintaining dental hygiene.

Thank you again. Dr. Shilpa!!

The Zafiris Family

8/23/2013-Thank you so much for a great visit!!

Honerkamp family

8/23/2013- Everyone is wonderful here. Thank you all so much.

The Fraziers

8/24/2013- Dr.Shilpa was very friendly and professional with all her staff.


8/24/2013- We are very Thankful for your time! Your office is so sweet what a blessing all of you are!!. Thank you


8/29/2013- Thank you!! The service so real good. I like a lot Dr.Shilpa J Chandiwal. God Bless you all. Thank you and have a great day

Maria. E.Celedon

9/12/2013-Great Facility for kids

9/12/2013-We had a very good experience at Dr.Chandiwal’s office. The front office staff is very professional and made us feel welcome. Dr.Shilpa and her assistants took time to answer all my questions. I will definitley bring my other daughter here.


9/26/2013- Very Friendly staff. Would like to thank Dr.Shahid for referring us to you all.


10/01/2013- I thank God we made our first visit with friendly and charming people . We love your office and the staff. They are very peaceful and loving. They made us feel at home. We are very grateful.May god bless you all and your family. We love you all.

10/03/2013- I like it here. The staff are very polite and attentive.

10/5/2013-First time patients;enjoyed staff and doctor. Will be back.

10/11/2013-Great experience, friendly and helpful staff, kids had fun

10/15/2013-As always, a pleasant experience for my granddaughte . Would never take her anywhere else or to any other dentist.

10/15/2013- Craig Anthony has done so much better because of the gentle care her received. We love this practice.

10/29/2013-I love it here! I like the kids cave and when your are in the room the ceilings have T.V’s

10/29/2013- It is fun playing in the kids cave.

11/5/2013- Spot on !! Our family is completely satisfied

12/06/2013- Thank you Dr.Shilpa you are very friendly . Thank you for caring for my baby Camilla. God bless you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

12/06/2013- I love it all of it.

1/11/2014-Thank you Dr.Shilpa for taking care of my teeth.

Love, Lucia Z

1/11/2014- Thank you for helping me !!


1/11/2014- I love how we are treatment every time we com. Thank you for everything.

1/11/2014- Thank you for taking care of my teeth.

1/16/2014- We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful dentist

Thank you, Tani Alli

1/20/2014-I can’t feel anything

1/23/2014- I love this place for my children. I am so thankful to god to have wonderful people serving my children. Thanks for everything.

Monique Charles

1/30/2014- Thank you for taking care of my teeth.


1/31/2014- Thank you !!

Jorden’s Mom

2/01/2014- Thank you so much for your wonderful service !!

Shweta ( Aaroh and Ayush’s Mom)

2/1/2014 -You guys are great. You have great customer service and you are fast.We will be back

Arlincia Ned

2/5/2014- Thank you !! Such a wonderful  experience !! All of you are a delight to deal with.

Glaciela Dominquez.

2/6/2014-Thank you so much for wonderful jobs. I will tell my friends and family to bring their kids over here. Once again Thank you

Salim Momin

2/8/2014- Thank you so much for wonderful jobs.

2/8/2014- Wow we have reached here so fat but thank you guys for everything you guys have done. Love the office.#1 dentist office in the world. Good luck.

Reyaan and Almira

2/13/2014-As Always awesome visit. Doc and Ms.Maggie are so great in treatment on granddaughter. Best Pediatric office ever!!

Eva Aguirre

2/13/2014- Thank you for the prompt and friendly service.

The Mugweru’s

2/18/2014- Thank you, Awesome Doc and staff.

2/18/2014- Thank you so much!! This is our third time here and your staff is so nice each time we come.

Deidra Martinez

2/22/2014- Thank you Dr. Shilpa you are an amazing doctor. God bless you and  your staff. Keep up the awesome work.

Cynthia Ramirez

2/22/2014- Thank you. Dr.Shilpa did a wonderful job. Great staff too.

Zohra Momin

2/27/2014- Such a great doctor in our community. Even we were late she took us. We love her. Thanks to have you.


3/18/2014- Another wonderful visit !! Great doctor and staff!! Thank you

Joni Alli

3/18/2014- Another awesome visit. Doctor Wonderful . So glad she is here for us. Samantha does not even object to coming for her visit. Her old dentist could not believe me if I told him. Thank you doc and Ms.Maggie

Samantha Davila and Grandmother